Molotov Cocktail Found In Truck On I-10

Christopher Beno
Beno was charged with manufacturing a biological weapon.

ROBERTSDALE, AL- Drivers transport a lot of dangerous and illegal stuff on the I-10 corridor, but a Texas driver on his way to Florida took “dangerous” to another level.

Sheriff’s deputies found a homemade explosive while searching Christopher Beno’s pick-up truck on a traffic stop Wednesday. The “Molotov Cocktail” was “live” and had been bouncing around in the cab of Beno’s truck.

Beno told deputies he was carrying the fire bomb for personal protection because he’s not legally allowed to carry a gun. Beno is a convicted felon. Beno’s rap sheet in Texas is 21 pages long.

Beno was charged with possession, manufacture and transportation of a biological weapon. Beno could also face federal charges. The ATF is now investigating.




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