Traveling Town Teaches Electrical Safety

We’ve all had it happen before…boom…darkness. The power goes out.

”What do you do now?” said Wayne Gibbons, a Baldwin EMC Lineman. “You start fussing about the power company.”

That is why the Baldwin EMC created Live Wire on Wheels, to teach the public about how their world is powered. Live Wire is a portable town of sorts, with a working electrical grid.

“We’re working with something that’s moving through those wires at a speed of a hundred eighty-six thousand miles per second,” said Sam Warren, Power System Controller.

The linemen teach groups about circuits and how they themselves stay safe.

“The thing that stands out the most is when a vehicle comes in contact with a downed powerline, the proper way to exit that vehicle if you have to,” said Kevin Wilson, Energy Market Specialist. “But they also learn some stuff in the house that they may be doing wrong.”

Even home repairs can go wrong.

“This is going to demonstrate a piece of tin getting loose,” said Jay Springsteen, Baldwin EMC Lineman. “The wind, you get up on top of the roof, power line is right there but you ain’t paying no attention. The wind catches it and here it goes…It’s going through that thin, through you, and it’ll find you right there.”

One of the biggest messages they teach is to not be frustrated with your power company.

“We’re kind of at Mother Nature’s mercy. You always want to be as prepared as possible, just be patient with us to provide safe and reliable electricity, as soon as possible after the storm.”

Live Wire on Wheels travels all around the country for shows. If you are interested in having them present at your event, you can find out more information on their website Live Wire on Wheels

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