Vintage Plane Crash Kills Pilot

The FAA is investigating the crash of a vintage plane Friday that claimed the life of the pilot.

The P-47D Thunderbolt, a World War two-era single-engine fighter plane, crashed into the Hudson River in New York.

The plane, nicknamed Jacky’s Revenge, belongs to the American Airpower Museum and was taking part in a publicity shoot for this weekend’s Bethpage Airshow at nearby Jones Beach.

The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels are scheduled to fly in the show.

According to a spokesman for the American Airpower Museum, the P-47 was flying with a P-40 fighter plane and a photo plane when the Thunderbolt suffered a mid-air engine failure.

The pilot brought the plane down in the Hudson Rover, making a successful crash landing.

But, according to witnesses, the pilot couldn’t get out of the safety harness and was dragged underwater along with the plane.

Divers later recovered his body.

His name has not been released.

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