Scouts Plant Flags At Veterans Cemetery


Dozens of scouts and volunteers paused to remember veterans who’ve passed away this Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was the annual flag planting at the Alabama Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Spanish Fort.

“Because it is Memorial Day weekend and they need to experience and see events like this and they are taught to remember those who died while serving,” said Cub Master Stewart LaGroue.  Some scouts dressed in their uniforms. They were using volunteer time to salute the years of volunteerism many of these vets displayed in life.

“What keeps me coming back for this every year is to see all the people gathered, talk about the people who serve our country and helped us make this country great,” said Scout Blake Hoffman. With buckets of flags and prayers of patriotism, there’s a message here from the old to the young.

“It’s not only for this weekend the lesson is really for the youngsters that they volunteer for national service as they get older,” said veteran supporter Dr. Barry Booth. Buffie Twigg brought her four-year-old daughter to help plant flags.

“She doesn’t quite understand, but she understands that they fought for us, now they’re in heaven and we wanted to thank them,” said Twigg. This activity offers a great lesson to the volunteers and for some, it’s a humbling experience

“They’ve done a lot more than any of us will be able to ever do and to be able to pay respects to that is quite humbling,” said Boy Scout Justin Cederholm. The flags may only be up for a week, but it’s hoped the memories last for generations.

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