Preparing for a Hurricane That’s in the Gulf of Mexico

This is a special edition of Take 5.  All this week, we’re talking about hurricane preparation in anticipation of the hurricane season.  Joining us is nationally-known home improvement expert and the host of Today’s Homeowner, Danny Lipford.  Today’s homeowner is seen on WKRG and the CW55.

Yesterday, we dealt with things to do at the start of hurricane season–way in advance of any storm.  Today, we’ll talk about what to do with a storm in the Gulf of Mexico.  Danny says at this point you should “take a lap”, a walk around your home.  Gather up lawn furniture or anything that could become airborne, and move it into a shed or garage.

This is the time to charge all batteries for cordless equipment.  Most folks will remember to charge phones and laptops, but what about all the cordless tools you may need after a storm has passed?

Danny says to be ready for a “bug-out”.  Gather prescriptions together in one place, just in case you have to evacuate.

Stock up on non-perishable foods.  Have at least three days worth of food on hand.

Chill out.  No, it doesn’t mean relax in this sense.  Danny says chill all the ice you can make and store.  It’ll save a lot of inconveniences later.

Collect your insurance papers, deeds, and other important papers in waterproof zip-lock style bags.  That way you’ve got them handy if you need to evacuate or if your home is damaged and water gets in.

Don’t wait until a warning is issued to take these simple precautions.  Danny will talk about what to do in a warning situation tomorrow.

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