Dog Stands Ground, Shot During Holdup in Mobile

(Mobile Ala.) The beloved pet and walking companion of Tammy Vickers was severely injured Saturday when a walk to the grocery store turned violent.

Vickers says she often walks a path behind businesses along Moffat Road from her home on Northview Drive.  Easy, her pit-bull mix, always goes too.  But Saturday night they came upon two men standing by a dumpster.  One pulled out a gun and immediately shot Easy.  Vickers says he then pointed the gun at her.  They two black men ran off seconds later.

Easy stood her ground, bleeding profusely from the gunshot wound.  Vickers called police, made a report and then took Easy to Rehm Animal Clinic.  Dr. Heather Weaver said the wound was too severe.  Easy’s leg had to be amputated.

With Vickers on a limited income, Rehm is treating Easy for free and establishing a fund for the dog’s future care.  Weaver says she should recover in a few days and adapt to walking on three legs.

Vickers says one of the men involved wore a black hoodie, the other a red hoodie.  Police have no leads so far.  If you have information in the case, call Mobile Police.

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