Beach House Security Wall Still Stands

Security wall outside state beach house
The section of wall that encroaches on county property still hasn't been taken down.

IMG_3447There’s a new sign at the state-owned beach house in Fort Morgan directing tourists and residents to the beach but there is no sign of when the section of wall that blocks their access will be torn down.

“This week will be 30 days,” says Baldwin County Commissioner Skip Gruber. “It’s time for it to be taken care of.”

As part of the almost two million dollar renovation of the beach house, a security wall that blocks the house from public view extends almost 60 feet across county property. The county wants the section of wall removed. Governor Robert Bentley says the issue is being worked out. “We got to make sure the lines are in the right places but we’re going to work through all that. It’s not as big a deal as people think it is.”


Almost a month later and the county’s patience is starting to wear thin. “It doesn’t take that long to hire somebody. It didn’t take ’em that long to put it up so it shouldn’t take ’em that long to take it back down,” says Gruber.

A request by the commission to the Governor’s office drew this response from Deputy Legal Advisor Franklin Johnson. “We are working with the contractor and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to ensure that the removal and remediation comply with all federal requirements related to the Beach Mouse. I do not have a schedule at this time but believe it will take place soon.”

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