Neighbors Try Desperately To Save Lives In Fiery Fatal Wreck


Two people are dead following a head-on crash on Old Pascagoula Road Saturday night. State troopers say speed may be a factor. Emergency crews crowded the street Saturday night near Sunnyside Drive. Sunday morning, a tow truck driver came to pick up bits of belongings left behind after a horrific crash.

“It gets to you, it makes you think,” said Bay City tow truck driver Perry Gardner. He was picking up a stroller and license plate among other debris. It was a chaotic scene and everyone who was awoken by the crash tried to lend a hand.

“People really tried to get they out, they just couldn’t do it,” said homeowner Marggie Woolsey. Neighbors told News 5 they were among the first to get there and first responders also worked fast to try and help people.

“There were people out there trying to get the people out of the car and they couldn’t because of the fire and they couldn’t get the stupid door open,” said Woolsey. Neighbors say some of them ran out there with common household fire extinguishers to try and put out the burning cars themselves but it wasn’t enough.

“You’re not thinking in the moment, it is instinct,” said Joseph O’Shea. He said a loud, freight train-like noise made him jump off the couch and outside. “It’s just you’re trying to get the fire out that’s when you realize you could have busted the windows and we did it’s just too late.”

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One of the cars burst into flames and two people inside were killed. Just some trash and tracks were left behind Sunday morning, as neighbors wonder what can be done to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“There could be some things done to improve visibility on this road as well possibly because visibility on this road at night is absolutely horrendous,” said O’Shea. Some were calling for a traffic light or street light to help prevent future crashes. Homeowners said they were told by investigators at least one of the cars collided at a high rate of speed. We were told at the scene Saturday night a third person in the accident was hurt but not killed. News 5 has not received any updates on that person’s condition.

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