Mobile’s Forgotten Officer Remembered 100 Years Later

Officer Charles Haggerty was the second officer ever killed in the line of duty in Mobile, but it’s taken 113 years to learn his story. Officer Roy Hodge discovered a note that led him to track down Haggerty’s story.

“There was a note written next to his photo,” Hodge said after thumbing through a history book.

It said, “your father was the last man to see Haggerty alive, at 2:30 a.m., he was murdered on Conti St. near Gov. St.”

Haggerty had been tracking down a suspicious character on Dec. 31, 1903 when he was shot three times and killed in downtown Mobile.

Chief James Barber called Haggerty’s name for the first time at the annual fallen officer’s memorial ceremony in Mobile last week and told Haggerty’s story.

Haggerty’s photo will now be added to the wall of honor at Mobile Police headquarters and paperwork has been submitted to add him to the national police officer memorial in Washington DC.

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