Crash Victim’s Family Wants Justice

The family of Jaimie Witcraft came to Mobile Friday afternoon seeking justice.

The 22-year-old USA nursing student was killed July 2, last year after her car was struck by an 18-wheeler and crushed against a concrete barrier.

Jaimie’s parents were upset when the found out this week that the driver of the big rig will not face any criminal charges.

“We want justice for Jamie she deserves justice. We are her voice now and we want him to be held accountable,” said Tari Witcraft, Jaimie’s Mother.

“We would like to see some kind of justice occur to a person who kills another person,” said Jaimie’s father, Joe.

The Witcrafts met with district attorney Ashely Rich for answers, but after a nearly two-hour meeting they left disappointed.

“We came here and we didn’t get the answers we wanted to hear,” said Joe.

Rich says she understands the family’s frustrations, but there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.

“They had a vibrant beautiful, intelligent daughter that was killed in a horrific traffic crash,” said Rich. “The investigation revealed that there were no drugs or alcohol or cell phone usage at the time.”

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