Allen’s Road Trip: Mel Showers

Often times the best conversations take place in a vehicle, so we decided to try it out for broadcast. All this week are hitting the road with local officials and taking a look at how they see Mobile.

It’s a candid and interactive look at the Gulf Coast.

Friday: Mel Showers

Mel Showers has spent decades telling stories here on WKRG, but for our series he shared a little bit of his own story.

Mel was one of the first black news personalities to appear on air in Mobile.

“They were making sure that they selected a person who had a thick skin, who wasn’t a radical activist and could sit there and take it and that was me,” said Showers.

47 years later Showers has been a fixture in the Port City. Being someone that grew up in Mobile, he says he is excited by what the city has become and is becoming.

“That’s all I ever knew was my father working on Brookley. Brookley Field and I have a long history,” said Showers “I was just so elated to find out that we were going to be putting together aircraft here on Brookley Field so it brings a smile to my face and if my father were still alive he would be smiling too.”


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