Bentley: Staff Confidentiality Agreements Not His Idea

Governor Robert Bentley says it wasn’t his idea!

The governor’s staff members were asked to sign confidentiality agreements in August 2014, just days after it was revealed to Bentley that there were sexually explicit audio recordings between political advisor Rebekah Mason and him.

Yesterday in Spanish Fort, Bentley told News 5 that wasn’t his call.

“Actually I did not do that,” the Governor said. “That was done by my chief of staff, my new chief of staff at that time, Seth Hammett. He did a lot of changes and I allowed him to do it. That was his idea and that’s why we did it. He was actually the one who came up with that idea, I did not.”

The timing seems curious. Then ALEA Director Spencer Collier said he informed the Governor on August 5, 2014 of the existence of sexually explicit recording made by the Bentley family of Bentley taking to his aide Rebekah Mason.

“No the timing is not curious,” Bentley said Thursday. “The timing is related to Seth Hammett who was my new chief of staff.”

Hammett had been Bentley’s Chief of Staff at that time for three months.

Bentley went on to say that such non-disclosure or confidentiality forms are commonplace in other states

87 staff members ended up signing the forms.


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