Allen’s Road Trip: Mayor Tony Kennon

Often times the best conversations take place in a vehicle, so we decided to try it out for broadcast. All this week are hitting the road with local officials and taking a look at how they see Mobile.

It’s a candid and interactive look at the Gulf Coast.

Thursday: Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon

With all the beautiful sights in Orange Beach, it was the roads Mayor Tony Kennon was most excited to talk about.

“Traffic is one of our main challenges,” said Kennon.

The city received some relief with the help of ALDOT, when a new lane was added to a section Canal Street, the main entry and exit into the city.

But Kennon knows it’s the beaches that create the traffic and the city has put considerable effort and money to keep them clean.

Along with the Gulf Shores, the city has launched the Leave Only Footprints Program, a $1.2 million dollar initiative where every inch of the beaches are swept and cleaned every night.

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