UPDATE: Loxley Toddler Diagnosed With Rare Cancer Improving

Three months ago, Tenley Ryan Norman was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of pediatric cancer. The cancer is called malignant extrarenal rhabdoid tumor and there are only 20-25 new cases of it diagnosed each year.

We first spoke with Tenley’s family three months ago, right after she was first given the diagnosis, and the news was bad. Doctors told her parents that this particular cancer was one of the hardest pediatric cancers to treat.

For the past three months, Tenley and her parents, Jordan and Tanner, have been living in Houston, Texas so that Tenley could receive treatment at MD Anderson. I talked to the family over FaceTime today to get an update on Tenley’s condition.

According to doctors, she’s doing better than anyone could have predicted. Her father, Tanner, said, “The doctor told us yesterday that she’s a very mild case. She used a lot of good words, like survivor.”

While Tenley is doing well now the Normans know all to well how quickly things can change, especially in a situation like this. Tanner Norman said they’ve seen others in similar situations and the outcomes haven’t always been good, “There was another family that was doing great- even better than her and just one-day things changed.”

Jordan and Tanner Norman are keeping their faith alive and praying for the full recovery of their baby girl. As for Tenley, her parents say she’s still being “Tenley Tough.”

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