Allen’s Road Trip: Fred Richardson

Often times the best conversations take place in a vehicle, so we decided to try it out for broadcast. All this week are hitting the road with local officials and taking a look at how they see Mobile.

It’s a candid and interactive look at the Port City.

Wednesday: City Councilman Fred Richardson

For years, Fred Richardson has been seeking funding to close up dozens of ditches in his district. He counts more than 40 in Trinity Gardens, which he says are a safety hazard.

“They are afraid to allow their children to ride their bikes because if there is a car coming and you can’t get off the shoulders of the road,” said Richardson.

Richardson feels resources are more frequently pushed to more affluent areas of the city, and poorer communities are left behind.

He points to a park in Trinity Gardens that has no benches or grills and when we are out there, there was even a metal pipe sticking out of the playground.

Richardson says it’s issue you wouldn’t find in areas of West Mobile.

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