UPDATE: Foley Entertainment Development Moving Forward

Blue Collar Country
Phase One expected to be open by Memorial Day 2017.

Earth movers continue to reshape more than 500 acres across the street from Bob Pitts real estate office. “We watched it when it was just a forest and then they moved the trees and now they’re moving dirt from one side to the other.”

For now, progress is measured in piles of dirt, rocks and how many excavators are working at the same time. But, by this time next year, the whole landscape will be transformed according to Foley mayor John Konair. “The 13-acre lake just about completed. Their first part of the park will be the ride package. They ordered that from Italy. It’s about a 40 to 50 million dollar package.”

According to Kristen Hellmich, spokesperson for the development, the rides package is $18 million. The total amusement park investment is approximately $50 million.

The city of Foley hopes to break ground on a 90 thousand square foot events center next month.

blu collar const

The first phase will include hotels, restaurants, retail shops and an amusement park that is described as something between Disney and Six Flags.

Still the big question is what will the development be called? It was called “Blue Collar Country”.  Developers say there is a name that will be made official in the next month or so as they work through tax incentives with the federal government.

blu collar const 1

Future development will include a water park, a second hotel, along with an amphitheater on an island in the middle of the lake.

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