Tent City Shut Down

Tent City: Before and After

Tent City, Mobile’s homeless camp, is gone. News 5 has been following the closure of the camp since MPD vowed to have it shut down a month ago. MPD’s original date to close the camp was May 6th however, last week Mayor Stimpson and Police Chief James Barber held a press conference saying that date would not be enforced.

At the press conference, they announced that they would deal with each homeless individual on a case-by-case basis- in order to ensure that everyone’s need were met. They also stated that the city did not have enough resources to provide housing for everyone living in tent city.

Today, I was downtown and I saw Dana and Joe, two former tent city residents, who told me that everyone had left the camp on that original May 6th date and that the campsite was empty. I decided to check out the campsite myself and indeed everyone was gone.

What used to be full of trash, debris, and homeless people is now an empty wooded area. When News 5 arrived on scene the city had workers at the site using bulldozers and heavy machinery to remove the trash, tents and other debris from the campsites.

Police say that everyone moved out on their own accord, however homeless we spoke to said they had no idea the deadline had been extended. We have not received any official word from the city or from MPD.

Dana and Joe are now living under a bridge, near downtown.

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