New App Gives Unique Perspective of Sewer Spills in Mobile/Baldwin Counties

Since the beginning of 2016, more than 2.7 million gallons of raw sewage have spilled out into Mobile and Baldwin counties.  Mobile Baykeeper has created a new app that gives us a new perspective on visualizing just how large the issue is.

Map by: Mobile Baykeeper

The app maps out every recorded incident in 2016. ” My first reaction was ‘WOW!’ said Mobile Baykeeper Executive Director Casi Callaway. “We saw Three-Mile Creek light up like a Christmas tree, and that was really worrisome.”

Through the app you can see what areas see frequent spills and what facilities are responsible for them.

“The vast majority of areas you’ll see on here are from MAWSS. We fear that’s because not all the other facilities are doing the same level of reporting is doing as MAWSS,” Callaway said. “We can look at rain maps and figure out was if there a 6-inch rainfall here, here, and here….And then if nobody had a spill reported except MAWSS, then we know that one facility is doing comprehensive and more complete recording than some of the other facilities.”

MAWSS Representative Barbara Shaw said that is one thing they strive for. “MAWSS is very committed to public health, and so for that reason we’ve been very conscious of reporting overflows,” Shaw said, adding that they’ve been focusing on issues at 3 Mile Creek by installing a new lift station.

The map is available for free on MobileBaykeeper’s website.

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