Got Kratom? It’s Now Against the Law

You might have seen it sold at gas stations or stores. But now buying what some know as Kratom is against the law.

The bill just passed so we drove around Mobile to see if  word has gotten out.

After 5 stores we were able to get 3 products. They packages come in pills and liquid, and they various brands. Sometimes it’s in the fine print. But the clerks we talked to said they had not heard about the new law.

“Any business selling sell this product, [Kratom] will now be in violation of the Alabama controlled substance law prohibiting the sale of a manufactured substance,” said Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich.

District Attorney Ashley Rich says local law enforcement will now be working to get thousands of products out of stores. And some who work in rehab say it’s about time.

“We have had clients that had to go be detoxed from Kratom to come here, because the withdrawals are very similar to a heroin withdrawal,” said Kristy Wells, The Shoulder Executive Director.

Wells  says some clients bought up to 12 packets to get high and concern is growing about increased usage.

“And again we’re combating a similar problem that we had with Spice because so many people, so many adults saw Spice being sold legally, lawfully, it was kind of common,” said Rich.

With Spice it took several weeks to get off the shelves.

“They really need to free themselves of any criminal liability by turning it or destroying it right away,” said Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran.

This time, the District Attorney says the push is to make it happen overnight.

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