“Deranged Horror Story” Ends With Guilty Verdict

Former OB Police Officer Guiltyt
Tim Gavin found guilty of six counts of sex crimes involving children.

A Baldwin County jury convicted Tim Gavin of all six charges he faced Wednesday afternoon.  Those  charges include sexual abuse of a child, enticement and possessing child pornography  Gavin showed no emotion as the jury made up mostly of women, returned the guilty verdicts.

Prosecutor Megan Webb called the case “heartbreaking” in her closing argument and told jurors “This is a deranged horror story the victims will have to live with forever”. Defense attorney Jim Sweet told jurors they didn’t have to like his client.  They only had to do their jobs.  Four hours after deliberations began they returned the guilty verdicts.  Prosecutor Teresa Heinz says they are relieved and grateful for the verdict but for the children involved in this case it meant something more, that someone believed them when they told what was happening to them.

Gavin is back in the Baldwin County Jail awaiting sentencing.  That will take place June 16th.





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