Allergies Hitting People Hard

What's Going Around

Every week- we reach out to several local doctor’s offices and urgent care clinics across our area– to find out what most patients are complaining about. Allergies seem to be the chief complaint most of our doctors have seen in the past week.

Dr. Andrea McMurphy from Premier Medical says the pollen in our area is making a lot of people miserable. Dr. McMurphy also says a few cases on mononucleosis– or mono– have come into the office lately.

Dr. Ralph Neal at the Grove Hill Medical center also says most of his walk-in patients lately are coming in because of their sinuses and allergy problems.

Dr. Darren Waters with Greater Mobile Urgent care says strep throat seems to be going around these days. There have also been quite a few cases of sinus infections and upper respiratory infections.

A stomach virus is sending a lot of patients in to see the staff at the Millry Pediatric Clinic.

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