Tent City Not Mobile’s Only Homeless Community

We’ve been following MPD’s closure of tent city, a homeless camp near downtown Mobile. Police, volunteers and city officials are working to clear the homeless out of the area due to concerns about both personal safety and sanitation. The area, which is located right on Three Mile Creek, is littered with trash and debris. However, downtown’s tent city is not the only problem area that Mobile County has.

George Jeanette, a security guard in Tillman’s corner, says there is a major homeless problem in the area, “It is, it is a bad problem now–I’m told they’re coming from downtown and moving closer to this area.”

In fact, at the Tillman’s Corner Shopping Center, where Jeanette works, you can see homeless sleeping on the grounds, camping in areas that are private property and wandering.

We met Jerry Richardson, a homeless man, as he was walking back to his campsite in the woods. He knew about the closure of tent city and he’s witnessed the influx of homeless to Tillman’s Corner.

Richardson said, “They run tent city out of Mobile– they ain’t got nowhere to go but Mobile County.”

The trash situation in Jerry’s campsite area is worse than what I witnessed in tent city. I explored the area with Corporal Chad Robbins, with the Sheriff’s Department, who wasn’t fazed by what we saw at all. He says he see this in Tillman’s Corner all of the time.

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