Wounded MPD Officer Speaks About His Recovery

A month after one undercover Mobile Police officer was rushed to the hospital with three critical gunshot wounds, he’s sharing his story of recovery.

“I feel extremely lucky,” he said. “I never thought there’d be so much support from so many people everywhere, so I just really appreciate it.”

The officer, whose identity remains anonymous due to his undercover position, suffered three gunshot wounds below his bullet-resistant vest last month when  Ryan Burkart opened fire on him and other officers as he tried to evade arrest near a Waffle House in Grand Bay. Burkart faces 5 counts of attempted murder.

“We have to anticipate everyone we come in contact with has a gun. So, we were anticipating it, but when it actually happens it’s kind of different,” the officer recalled. “I have a fractured pelvis. It’s going to be that way forever. There’s a surgery they can do, but it’s not going to help or hurt it.”

The officer has to depend on a cane now to move around and says doctors haven’t been clear on when exactly he’ll make a recovery. “It’s a slow long process. I went to the doctor today, and they said it’s going to be a while. They won’t tell me when it’s going to be. They keep telling me it’s going to be a while,” the officer said. “I’m ready to go back to work right now. But, obviously, I can’t.”

Domino’s Pizza awarded the officer with a check for $5,000 on Friday after hosting a fundraiser to support his recovery.



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