Prichard Shooting Puts Two In the Hospital

prichard shooting 1

The sun was shining today, but on Edison Drive in Prichard, it appeared to have rained bullets. Shell casings litter the street next to this older model Honda. You can see both driver side and passenger side windows blown out. The rear windshield looks like it was hit as well.

“Right now, everything is being looked at including that car. We’re also trying to interview witnesses and we’re trying to gather as much information as we possibly can,” says Prichard Police Chief Bernard Parrish.

This morning we were told two males were taken to USA Medical Center with what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries.

The shooting appears to have been a drive-by in broad daylight, and it’s amazing no one was killed, considering the kind of weapon they likely used.

prichard shooting 2

A gun expert says these bullets are from a rifle, either an SKS or an AK variant. They’re 7.62 by 39 caliber. Rifles are cheap and popular. But you’re more likely to see these shell casings in a war zone that on a residential street. At this close range, it would be difficult to miss.

There are about 40 shell casings here, more than a traditional gun holds, which suggests there was more than one gun involved. Still, police aren’t saying much until they know more.

“You don’t have to leave your name if you want to be anonymous, that’d be fine as well, we just need information. It doesn’t matter how small you may think it is, we still need that information,” says Parrish.

We were originally told the injuries did not seem life threatening, but in a press release we got before our newscast, we were told officials don’t know the extent of the victim’s injuries. Again, it wasn’t confirmed, but we believe either two guns were involved, or one gun that the shooter reloaded. And if you do know anything about this shooting, call 251-452-2211.

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