No Swimming at May Day Park Due to Poor Water Quality

© All Rights Reserved by Jeff36526 (Panoramio)

Swimmers need to avoid the water in Mobile Bay near May Day Park in Daphne, Alabama. The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has issued a swimming advisory for the park after recent tests of the water.

The advisory comes after two recent tests deemed the quality of the water as poor. The tests showed high levels of enterococci bacteria, which indicates that other disease-causing germs could be present in the water.

The ADPH warns that overexposure to the water could lead to an increased risk of illness.

Officials will continue to monitor the water near May Day Park for the next few weeks. The advisory will not be lifted until the levels of bacteria fall below the threshold set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Water advisories are common in recreational areas following heavy rain due to sewage overflows that spill into the body of water (Mobile Bay). However, no sewage spills have occurred in the area near May Day Park in Daphne.


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