Bentley’s Election Night Turmoil

A published report says Governor Robert Bentley spent election night in November 2014 terrified that recordings of Rebekah Mason and him were about to be leaked, revealing their affair.

“I mean here you have a governor, on the night of the biggest election of his life, worrying about a tape,” said Bill Britt of the Alabama Reporter who wrote the story, citing sources within the Bentley campaign who were in attendance November 4, 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery.

According to Britt, Bentley was terrified that the recording had been leaked and had his security staff chasing down and interrogating all staffers.

“One of his investigators even drove to Greenville to wake up an employee of the Governor in the middle of the night to question her about if she leaked the tape.” he said. “This is very Nixonian.”

Bentley won in a landslide – the largest margin of victory of any Governor in recent state history. But election night, according to Britt was not one of triumph for the Governor, but one of turmoil.

The recorded phone conversations in question were eventually made public on March 23, 2016, touching off a political scandal and impeachment movement against the Governor.

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