Bentley’s Controversial Security Wall at Baldwin Beach House is Coming Down

AL beach house security wall
Governor addresses security wall controversy.

The controversial security wall outside the state’s beach house in Baldwin County is coming down, sources tell News 5’s Debbie Williams.

News 5 has learned the governor’s office has called local commissioners to inform the wall is coming down and talks with contractors will soon take place.

After weeks of bickering over the security wall, built on county property and blocking access to the beach, a 60-foot section of a wall around the state’s beach house in Fort Morgan will be removed.

“Sometimes saying I’m sorry and I made a mistake is absolutely the best way to go,” says Baldwin County commissioner Chris Elliott.

Commissioners met with members of the governor’s staff for about an hour Friday. “We had a very large map with a graphic overlay of where the wall was. It was about a 60-foot encroachment all the way across the county’s right of way. So, there was really no doubt where the encroachment was, the nature of the encroachment and really what needed to happen to remove it,” says Elliott.

The wall is part of an almost two million dollar, BP-funded renovation of the state beach house. It was built without proper permitting. County officials only found out about it through neighbor complaints.

Governor Robert Bentley addressed the renovations at the state’s beach house in Fort Morgan last week. Bentley defended the extension.  “That right-of-way, that has never been used for anything because it can’t be used for anything. It’s all grown up and no one has ever used it,” Bentley said.

The change-of-course is sure to please citizens in Baldwin County who viewed the wall as a contentious display of disregard by the Governor.

“It wasn’t too grown up for him to take,” says Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliott. He not only takes an exception to the disregard for county property by the state but the attitude coming from Montgomery. “I’m disappointed on how frivolous he is treating this.”


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