What’s Working: Famous Quartet Introduces Students to Classical Music

A world famous quartet is in town this week, playing classical music to students at Mobile County Public Schools. You may have heard of the Harlem Quartet. They perform for huge audiences around the world, but this week they are playing for kids, many of whom will not have the opportunity to go to the symphony.

News 5 was there for their concert at Holloway Elementary in Toulminville. The Mobile Symphony sponsored the concert at several local schools. Brandon Caten is the Preludes Instructor for the Mobile Symphony,  and he teaches students about classical music once a week. Caten says, “Some of these students may be seeing string instruments for the first time. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.” Principal Metra Turner agrees. “It was wonderful for students to see the orchestra, because they would not have that opportunity to got to the symphony. It was great exposure for the students.”

The students were an attentive audience. Student, Kemani Lyde says, “I didn’t have a favorite part. I liked it all.”

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