The U.S. Welcomes 21 New Citizens

Naturalization Ceremony on USS Alabama
Naturalization Ceremony on USS Alabama

The long drawn out process of becoming a US citizen came to fruition today aboard the USS Alabama. 21 individuals who have taken the necessary steps to gain citizenship were finally granted it this morning.

Ceremony USS Alabama
History of US flags

Before coming to the US the individuals were from 16 different countries from across the Globe.

We spoke with Pamela Wilson (spokesperson for US citizenship and immigration services) and she gave us some insight of what people seeking citizenship go through.

Naturalization Ceremony

Usually the legal process takes about 3 years. The process consists a number of things, but a couple are background checks that thoroughly vets potential citizens and have an understanding of the English language.

It was clearly emotional after the ceremony. The new citizens embracing their loved ones and friends. Of the few people we spoke with this process took more than 3 years and they were overjoyed and somewhat relieved that they can now embark on their lives as legal United States Citizens.


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