Pain Doctors Face New Charges

pain docs new indictment

It was almost a year ago when federal agents raided the Physician’s Pain Specialists of Alabama Pain Clinic. Doctors John Couch and Xiulu Ruan were charged with racketeering, money laundering and wire and mail fraud. Now comes this 55-page indictment with 11 more charges including conspiracy, violating anti-kickback statutes and prescribing medications that resulted in the deaths of four patients. Their names are not released in the document, they’re just referred to by their initials. Dennis Knizley is Dr. Ruan’s attorney.

physician's pain specialists of alabama

“It all goes back to the basis of the case is, was Dr. Ruan prescribing medication outside the normal course of medical practice and without medical necessity? And the evidence is going to be clear–he was not. He was totally within the bounds of medical necessity,” says Defense Attorney Dennis Knizley.

Federal agents claim the two wrote 285,000 prescriptions over four years for addictive pain meds that are widely abused. They say that makes these two the most prolific purchasers of controlled substances in the nation.

“The whole medical industry, and particularly pain doctors, are practicing medicine in fear of them going against some criminal  prosecution like this although they feel like they’re doing what they should be doing.”

pain docs

The two doctors will be in court Tuesday to face the new charges. Knizley says they will have pain doctors come testify that Dr. Ruan was prescribing medications properly

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