Governor Says Illegal Security Wall, “Not A Serious Problem”

AL beach house security wall
Governor addresses security wall controversy.

“There has been some confusion about the lots and lines.” For the first time Governor Robert Bentley is addressing renovations at the state’s beach house in Fort Morgan and defending the extension of a security wall across county property that blocks access to the beach. “That part right there that has never been used,” the governor told reporters. “That right-of-way, that has never been used for anything because it can’t be used for anything. It’s all grown up and no one has ever used it.”

“It wasn’t too grown up for him to take,” says Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliott. He not only takes an exception to the disregard for county property by the state but the attitude coming from Montgomery. “I’m disappointed on how frivolous he is treating this.”

Aerial of property 2008 Aerial of beach property 2008

He’s not alone. Talk radio lit up with folks weighing in on the controversy. “The messaging coming from Montgomery to Baldwin County,” Sean Sullivan told listeners to his Midday Mobile program on FM Talk 106.5, “Hey, you keep this up and you may not get any money for road work. Keep this up and maybe we’ll condemn your easement and take it over for the state.”

Governor Bentley played the issue off like it’s not a big deal. “We’ll get all this worked out. It’s not a serious problem.”

After watching the Governor’s comments, Elliott begs to differ. “I think the people of Baldwin County think it’s a serious problem.”

Co. crew surveying beach house property.
Baldwin County crews began surveying the property lines at Governor’s beach house in Fort Morgan.


The county will show just how far over the line the governor has stepped when they meet for the first time on the issue next week after survey crews finish mapping the property. County commissioners say the only solution they are interested in is the wall being removed from county property.

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