Bret Baier Talks Trump, Hillary and Fox News

Bret Baier, Chief Political Anchor at Fox News, was the keynote speaker at the University of Mobile’s leadership conference last night. Before the event, I sat down with him to talk politics- something that he does on the national level everyday.

He has distinguished himself as a news guy, not a commentator, “Yeah, listen I’m not Sean Hannity, I’m not Bill O’Reilly- I’m on the news side.”

He previously moderated several of the presidential debates; therefore naturally raising my curiosity of his thoughts on Donald Trump. Baier had this to say about current Republican front-runner; “Well, listen he’s captured the imagination of a lot of voters. He’s clearly gone after this feeling that Washington has to be changed.”

Two months ago, Baier hosted a Townhall with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. He thinks that Clinton has her own issues.

While Baier thinks Hillary will likely end up snagging the nomination, he doesn’t think she’ll end up being indicted, “In Washington there’s a healthy dose of skepticism that she’s actually going to get indicted, but I think the FBI could refer an indictment and we could find out about it.”

Fox News has played a significant role in covering the election. Baier believes that critics of the network don’t actually watch it and he challenges everyone to give his show, The Special Report with Bret Baier, a chance. He says that as Chief Political Anchor at Fox, he approaches every candidate the same, “I ask tough but fair questions.” As far as election coverage on Fox News goes, he says, “We cover it and we cover it fairly.”


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