Carlos Kennedy Silent in Court Despite Representing Self in Retrial

It was day 2 of testimony in the capital murder re-trial of Carlos Kennedy.   He’s the man accused of killing Zoa White, a well-known businesswoman, back in 2010.  He’s now serving as his own attorney, although he has a court appointed co-counsel.

“I mean you see he’s communicating so we’re discussing matters, so this is where we are at this point,” said Jason Darley, Kennedy’s standby attorney.

That communication, however, has yet to materialize into any questions or action as Kennedy continues to sit quietly through most of the proceedings.  So far the prosecution has called on several members of Mobile police, and other law enforcement agencies to the stand. They’re now building a compelling case that DNA evidence and fingerprints link the crime to Kennedy.   And once again Kennedy did not take advantage of cross-examining anyone on the stand.

Criminal Defense Attorney Jeff Deen sat in for a brief part of the trial.  He’s a former assistant district attorney and has been practicing law for decades. He told us he’d seen few cases where the defendant who represented himself and won.

“4 of them were unmitigated disasters but the other one the guy actually won his case,” said Deen.

But, Deen says none of those cases were as serious as capital murder.

“The difficult part about a trial is that you actually have to stand up speak on your own feet, keep up with everything that is going on the legal side, the factual side, the entertainment side, the losing credibility side,” said Deen.

Deen says it’s possible Kennedy may be more focused on taking the stand explaining his side of the story.  His trial continues tomorrow at 10 am.

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