A Look Back at The April 27th Tornado Outbreak

April 27th Tornadoes
April 27th Tornadoes

When someone says April 27th, most people around the state of Alabama will think about the deadly outbreak in 2011. April 27th was the peak of a 4 day severe weather event across the Southeast. Forecasters knew it was going to be bad, but there is no way anyone could have expected the events that unfolded.

In total there were 199 tornadoes on April 27 across 14 states. Majority of those took direct aim at northern and central Alabama. In total 62 of the 199.

These just weren’t any tornadoes. Majority were violent. That day more than 30 tornadoes carried at least an EF-3 classification. An EF-3 has winds of 136 mph.

Violent was only half the equation. The average path length was 66 miles. The strongest storm in Alabama was the Hackleburg/Phil Campbell tornado. An EF-5 with winds of 210 mph. That storm tracked for 132 miles total!

And everyone remembers the Tuscaloosa tornado. It tracked 80 miles. An EF-4 classification. This was the tornado captured on live TV. It also crossed I-65. At that time it was a mile and a half wide.

In total more than 300 people lost their lives that day, more than 200 alone were from Alabama.

Thankfully southern Alabama didn’t have to deal with the deadly storms, but it serves as a reminder to always have a plan.

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