Mobile’s Airbus Facility Seen From The Sky


The first US built A321 will be delivered tomorrow at Airbus’ Mobile facility

The plane will be delivered to JetBlue and top officials from both Airbus and JetBlue are expected to be on hand. An overhead view of the facility at Brookley Aeroplex shows the plane’s pristine condition before Monday’s delivery. We took this picture Saturday, but Monday it will be rolled away from this spot and put into the spotlight as it’s handed over to JetBlue officials.

The airbus A321 is the first plane to be assembled and produced right here in the Port City, and the first Airbus plane ever in the United States.


When News 5 flew over the facility yesterday, we spotted some extensive construction taking place on the runway. This hasn’t been seen before and the extent of the work is unknown, but the runway at Brookley Field is old. It was constructed before World War II and not much work has been done since then. Airbus plans to produce one plane a week and an updated runway will be necessary for the amount of test flights taking off from Brookley.

News five will be at Airbus to bring you all the latest on the historic delivery.


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