Sailors Make Final Preparations for Regatta

There is extra preparation around this year’s Dauphin Island Regatta.

Several sailors were out Friday morning and afternoon, double checking and making sure everything was in place before Saturday’s race.

Many of the sailors say they are thinking about last year’s even in which 6 people were killed when a storm moved over the regatta.

“It’s always there.  So you are always a little more cautious but it’s one of those things you just have to try to move on,” said Zane Yoder.

Race organizers have made changes to ensure safety at this years event.

Each boat must have one phone on board with an app called “Race Qs” downloaded. This app is a GPS that allows them to track each boat on the course. And each sailor will be required to wear a life jacket for the first five minutes of the race.

“Which is really a great thing, that way you will have a life jacket that you can actually put on quickly know how to use and at least somewhat comfortable with,” said Dave Ballard.

In addition the committee wants each boat captain to hold a meeting with each person on their boat to make sure each person is aware of safety procedures.

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