32nd Annual Mullet Toss is Under Way!

Today marked the start of the 32nd annual Mullet Toss hosted at the Flora-Bama. This is deemed one of the largest parties along the Gulf Coast and for good reason. Having just past Spring Break season plus having some perfect weather, it was the perfect start to the three day event.

People from across the county tried their hand at tossing some mullet. Some were there just for fun to say they did it and others were there to win! with different age brackets it makes it a level playing field.

In terms of the people that showed up today, you had folks from all over. Some have been before and are coming back, others their first time was today. However, a good chunk of people said that this has become somewhat of a tradition with their friends or even their families! Whether you are looking to have a good time or if you are looking for a family activity the Mullet Toss has you covered.

The Mullet Toss may be deemed one of the largest party along the Gulf Coast, but it’s more than that. The Mullet Toss each year contributes thousands of dollars to local charity.

Friday was the first of the three day events. They start tossing in the morning and close up in the late afternoon so there is plenty of time if you want to head down to toss a Mullet. Regardless whether you go there for fun or to compete, there is no doubt that the Mullet Toss is a fun event that everyone should give a chance!

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