Homeless Tent City Residents Have No Place To Go

Less than a mile from downtown Mobile, in the woods off of Conception Street Road there is a homeless camp. The camp is currently home to roughly 20 homeless men and women.

Some of the residents have lived on the property for many, many years and others have been there for only a short time. However, on May 6th, all of them are being forced to move off of the property.

Two weeks ago the Mobile Police Department issued notices to the residents. The notice stated that all of the residents, along with all of their belongings, had to be off of the property in 30 days- or they would face prosecution.

Most of the homeless living in this camp have no place to go. They fear that they will end up on the streets of Mobile, or worse in jail.

The notice given by MPD listed four places where the residents could seek shelter once they left the camp. Those places are 15th Place, Waterfront Mission, The Salvation Army, and Wings of Life. However, the homeless men and women we spoke with today said that those places are already struggling with overcrowding. They don’t believe any of those places will be an option.

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