Former Head of ALEA Sues Governor Bentley, Bentley responds

Alabama’s former head of law enforcement has sued Governor Robert Bentley for wrongful termination and defamation.

Named in the suit are Bentley, his alleged mistress and one-time top advisor Rebekah Mason, and Stan Stabler, Collier’s one-time assistant who took over for him as ALEA Director.

Collier says on February 16th, he informed Bentley and Mason that he had defied the Governor’s order to mislead investigators with the Attorney General’s office.

“Both Rebekah Mason yelled and ridiculed both me and my staff,” Collier said during his March 23 press conference.

The next day, February 17, Collier was placed on medical leave.

At that point, the lawsuit contends, Stabler took over ALEA and conducted a bogus investigation that determined Collier had misused state funds.

Collier was fired March 22nd. The next day he fired back, holding a bombshell press conference detailing Bentley and Mason’s alleged affair.

His lawyer hinted then a lawsuit was coming

“If you get fired, even if you’re an employee at will, you can’t fire somebody for cooperating with a grand jury,” said Kenny Mendelsohn on March 23rd. “And if that’s the motivation behind it that would open up some doors.”

Also named in the lawsuit are organizations involved with paying Rebekah Mason: the Bentley Campaign, the “dark money” group ACEGOV, and Mason’s public relations firm RCM.

The lawsuit does not seek to return Collier to his job but asks for an undisclosed amount of compensatory and punitive damages.

“The main thing we’re looking at is to clear his name,” said Mendelsohn

The lawsuit was fired in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

More tonight on News 5.

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