Tiffany Daniels Missing Case on National TV

Tiffany Daniels Missing
Missing for more than two years, a national audience will hear her story tonight.

Investigation Discovery’s hit series “Disappeared” premiere’s it’s new season with a story that hit’s close to home.

“Tiffany has never met a stranger, she’s cute, she’s happy go lucky,” says her mother Cindy.

Tiffany Daniels has been missing for more than two years.

Tiffany Daniels Poster

Her SUV found in a parking lot near the gate of Fort Pickens late in the summer of 2013. Inside, her phone, her purse and her bicycle.

Countless searches and missing posters have yet to give family and friends the answers they are searching for.

Tiffany’s parents, Cindy and Rodney, watched a preview of tonight’s episode for the first time today. They were too distraught to talk about it but Cindy says she hopes the show will move the investigation forward, jog someone’s memory, and bring Tiffany home.

tiffany daniels reflection

The possibility Tiffany fell victim to human trafficking is a possibility explored towards the end of the show.

In the end “Disappeared” condenses the last two years into a one-hour television mystery that Tiffany’s family is desperate to solve.

Tonight’s episode of “Disappeared” airs at 9 o’clock on Investigation Discovery.

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