State Auditor Says Impeachment Process Too Slow

jim zeigler

Tea Party members met under a cloudy sky in Theodore outside their community center to talk about taxes. However, keynote speaker Jim Zeigler addressed the dark cloud now hanging over Governor Robert Bentley’s administration.

“I’ve never seen such a mess in Montgomery,” says Zeigler.

Zeigler has only been state auditor for 15 months , but in the same amount of time, he says he’s noticed the governor being -quote- “isolated” from the people and from common sense.

“It happened within a few days of his being re-elected in November. Within a few days, he was coming out against his own platform.”

Pile on top of that so-called “isolation”, a pending investigation, and Zeigler believes the governor won’t be able to get anything done.

“He has no leadership with the legislature, no credibility with the people, how are we going to solve the problem of the general fund budget and the shortage and Medicaid, and the problem of school teachers quitting?”

The legislature is set to consider a resolution to form an investigative committee this week—a process that has been a bit slow for people like Zeigler who want to see change now. But, it’s been said that committee will take six months to investigate Bentley and his relationship with former top aid Rebekah Mason…that’s long after the session ends May 16th.

“I don’t think the people of Alabama want the problems of the Bentley administration cleared up in 2017. They want it cleared up very soon. And that’s not going to happen with the impeachment process,” says Zeigler.

Keep it tuned here to News 5, we’ll keep you informed of the goings-on in Montgomery and like we said, the legislative session ends May 16th.

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