What’s Working: Greer’s Thriving for 100 Years

In tonight’s What’s Working, a local grocery store chain is celebrating 100 years in business, and they’ve just received a prestigious award for community service. Greer’s has been a part of the community since 1916.

News 5 sat down with the current president, Jack Greer Sr., and his wife, Janice. Jack is 88, Janice, 86. He is mostly retired but keeps tabs on the company. It was his grandfather, Autry Greer, who opened the first Greer’s on Water Street in 1916. He worked there bagging potatoes when he was a little boy. He worked in just about every department through the years, and eventually became a manager. His wife, Janice, says he never envisioned his career any other way. “When he got home from the army, His mother wanted him to go Wharton Business School, and he said no. He wanted to go home and go to work. He put everything into it. That was our life.”

Over the last 100 years, Greer’s has made countless donations to various charities, earning them the prestigious National Vincent Fox Award for Community Service, out of over 3000 other supermarkets. Jack Greer says he has always made it a point to help out various charities in the community through donations of money or food. “My daddy called me in and said ‘Son, it’s nice to be smart but it’s even smarter to be nice,’ and that has stuck with me.”

Greer’s has grown to 33 stores and is thriving as the 4th and 5th generations of Greer’s run the company. Congratulations to the Greers for being a part of the Gulf Coast community for 100 years.

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