How Much Do Alabamians Pay in Taxes?

Filing taxes falls under whatever category includes waiting in line at the DMV or getting a tooth pulled. That’s probably why the IRS predicts 1 in 7 Americans will wait until the last minute to turn theirs in. This year, the date is on Monday, but that didn’t stop floods of people rushing to places like H&R block on Friday in a frenzy.

“There’s a lot of people who still think the deadline is April 15th,”H&R Block Office Manager Tom Mayfield said. Most of the people who wait until the last minute typically owe the IRS money, while those who are eager to file right away are awaiting a refund check, Mayfield said.

Perhaps the reason so many people pay someone else to do their dirty work is because they don’t know even know the basics; like what is Alabama’s income tax. We took that question downtown, and zero out of the 16 people we asked answered correctly.  (Check out the video)

Alabama’s income tax rate is 5%. Before you get jealous of our neighbors in Florida who don’t pay income tax, be thankful you don’t live in California where they pay 13.3%.

You have until Monday night at midnight to submit your tax forms or file for an extension.

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