Local Senator Likely To Take Over Lt. Gov. If Bentley Resigns

rusty glover

If Governor Robert Bentley resigns or is removed from office, Lt. Governor Kay Ivey will take over. But who takes over for Kay Ivey? We talked to the man who may get that number two spot.

Senator Rusty Glover is technically second in line behind Senator Pro Tem Del Marsh for the Lieutenant Governor position. However, he says Marsh would like to stay where he is and would likely delegate duties to Glover.

“There will be a need for someone to be at the desk, to deal with travel for the senate, to sign bills to committee and whatnot,” says Glover.

Glover says he’ll likely be running for Lt. Governor in a couple years anyway, and this would be a great way to learn the ropes. We asked if he thought Governor Bentley was any closer to resigning.

“I’ll say, when, each time we have someone coming forward with an investigation, I would think that would move someone closer to that, but it’s hard to speculate.”

And we asked what he thought about the possibility of Kay Ivey taking over the top spot in the state.

“I think she’ll do a very good job, I’m really confident in her abilities. She’s served the state well for the last 14 years in her different offices she’s served and I think she’ll do very well.”

Glover says the position would just be as an acting Lt. Governor and would really have no real power other than signing bills to committee and being a referee for the senate and keeping things in order until election time.

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