It’s spring, and that means it’s Spring Myrtle Massacre time, according to gardening expert Bill Finch.
But let’s start with the good…
Crepe Myrtles outside the Kitchen on George restaurant are lovely, with colorful trunks and graceful branches. The biggest reason for this: they haven’t been pruned.
Many crepe myrtles on the Gulf Coast get pruned-and pruned hard-in the spring, usually to about the height a person can reach. Bill says there’s no good reason for this. Some people believe hard pruning makes their trees bloom better, but it doesn’t do that at all…in fact, it will bloom better, be healthier, and will have a beautiful trunk if you don’t.
Bill says it’s hard to say where the bad pruning myths started, but once a crepe myrtle is subjected to this treatment, it’s very hard-maybe impossible to fix. Bunches of long, straight, vertical limbs will grow from an ugly knuckle where the cut was made. Water also gets in through the cuts and can rot the tree through to the base. And crepe myrtles live a looooong time.
So the lesson is, if there’s a crepe myrtle limb hitting your house, prune it.
Otherwise, leave them alone!They’ll do better without you.
Learn more on Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings on 106.5 FM or email

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