Vet Clinic Fire in Lillian Kills Two Pets

Lillian Vet Clinic Burns

“I got this text that said the clinic is on fire, get here!”

When Dr. Susan Wells arrived at her clinic in Lillian Wednesday night, firefighters, deputies, and strangers were fighting to save lives. “They started going in and getting animals out which is amazing because usually they won’t do that,” she says choking back the emotion.

First responders doing CPR on each of the animals pulled from the smothering smoke but, it wasn’t enough for at least two pets. “The two dogs that we lost were little dogs that were on the upper-level cages because the smoke was coming out of the ceiling.”

But three dogs were saved. “Those phone calls I had to make are the toughest ones, they really are.”

About 20 feet from the main office, where the fire was, is the kennel. All of those animals were not impacted by the fire.

Lillian vet clinic

Inside the building, everything is a melted mess, a total loss. While investigators are still trying to determine what caused the fire Dr. Wells is already planning to re-open as soon as a portable office can be set up.

“My phone,” she says, “has exploded this morning with veterinarians, friends, clients have all been here. It’s great.”

Still the images of what she saw last night won’t soon be forgotten and neither will the effort that was made to help those who couldn’t help themselves.

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