Girls in science: ASMS hosting conference to inspire young women

Courtesy: ASMS Facebook

The Alabama School of Math and Science will host its first-ever Women in STEM conference this April, a milestone for the prestigious Mobile School.

The conference will offer middle and high school girls more information about careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

At ASMS, faculty and staff are already working closely with young woman in an effort to give them the best foundation for a STEM career they can.

Maria Trifas already works with college students in her science research and she has her mind set on making a difference.

She said she also knows that being a young woman in science has its challenges.

“Women are underrepresented in these areas and there is a certain stigma associated with them as like heartless, or rigid which isn’t really true.”

Trifas said that adding a female perspective to many scientific endeavors can propel research even further.

Student Connie Ng spent her senior project in a warm lab in the company of 3D printers, advanced technology has an abundance of applications.

Ng helped assemble prosthetic hands which were sent out as part of a project that ASMS is affiliated with.

She said she decided she wanted to learn science in a hands-on way after a tough experience with her grandmother.

“When I was a kid, my grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so I spent a lot of time in hospitals visiting her and looking at all of the medical equipment that was keeping her alive — it made me realize it was something I wanted to study, and if I could develop something that could help her it would impact my life and everyone else’s as well,” said Ng.

Ng plans to continue her education in STEM fields.

Student Kayla Bell is already looking ahead from her robotics class toward building rockets with NASA in Huntsville. Bell has already received prestigious awards for her high school dedication to STEM projects.

She said her mom and aunt encouraged her to take science classes and her goal is to be an automotive engineer.

Bell, Ng, and Trifas are just a few of the young women at ASMS with their eyes on science, and the Women in STEM conference hopes to inspire other young women to gain an interest in STEM.

Dr. Monica Motley told WKRG that the goal of the conference is to inspire confidence and self-efficacy, essential elements of success in STEM.

To register, visit by April 1. The event will take place on April 16 at the campus in Mobile.

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