Changes Coming To your Trash Pickup Route


Trashy changes may be coming to your neighborhood.

“The mayor is constantly challenging us to try to find better ways of doing things, to reduce cost and also to do things more efficiently,” says Public Works Executive Director Bill Harkins.

So Harkins and his Public Works team came together to find the smartest way to do business.

“We’re taking advantage of some of these new trucks, garbage in particular and some new ones in trash, we’re also adjusting routes,” says Harkins.

Population is shifting in the city, so they’re changing routes and times to accommodate.

“In some areas where population, numbers of houses have reduced, some of those routes may have been to six or seven hundred places to pick up garbage, others may have expanded to 1300. So we’re regularly sending this guy at the end of the day to this route, which was wasting time and fuel.”

They’ll also save money by cutting down on overtime since they’ll only pick up five days a week instead of six.

“The thing with trash, when we did the annexing, we went from picking up trash five days a week to six days a week. So we brought our crews in on Saturday paying overtime to pick up in that area and a few others as well. And our guys have figured out a way to compact the Saturday pickup into the rest of the week.”

Their newer garbage trucks have a larger capacity, so they may find saving there as well.

And of course, the goal is to have everyone’s trash picked up on time. But they’re asking in the first few weeks after these changes take place that everybody have their trash and garbage out by the curb by 6am on the day.

And did you know trash and garbage are two different things?

“Trash is the tree limbs and the debris you put up to the side of the road we pick up every two weeks. Garbage is that garbage cart that you fill  with your household everyday stuff that we pick up every week throughout the whole city.”

As far as garbage days go—almost everyone will keep their usual day.

“Only one neighborhood off Michigan Avenue is going to have their garbage day changed.”

But as far as trash goes—almost 2,000 people could end up with a different day of the week. Most of those are in the annexed areas, in Theodore and Tillman’s Corner.

“As long as they know their day and when it’s going to get picked up, that’s all that matters,” says Harkins.

Changes will start Monday, April 18th. If your pickup time or day has been changed, you will be notified through the mail. Harkins has also notified city councilmen—so you can also call the head of your district to see if you’re on the list.

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