Bradley Byrne Says President Obama “Lacks A Cohesive Strategy” In Fighting ISIS


Following the terrorist attacks in Brussels last week Representative Bradley Byrne and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter had a heated conversation over the Obama Administration’s plan to defeat ISIS.

According to the National Defense Authorization Act, both Secretary Carter and Secretary Kerry should have presented their joint plan to defeat ISIS to Congress by February 15th. That never happened.

Byrne questioned Carter saying, “I am going to ask you again- do you not agree that you are in violation of the law?” Carter countered back saying, “we are going to submit that report.”

Days after the exchange between the two the Obama Administration released their plan. Their 7-page plan opens with the U.S. objectives in the region. The plan also lays out ways to defeat terrorism saying that the United States is, “working closely with foreign partners to address the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters” and “utilizing other mechanisms to promote international cooperation and burden-sharing to counter terrorism and violent extremism.”

However, Bradley Byrne isn’t satisfied with the plan. He released a statement today saying,

“The Obama Administration’s ‘plan’ for defeating ISIS is over a month late and lacks a cohesive strategy. I continue to be deeply concerned the Administration failed to follow the law and submit the report on time. The late delivery is especially insulting when you consider how little information is contained in the seven-page document. Either the Administration didn’t take this request from Congress seriously or they actually lack a real strategy for combating Islamic extremism and defeating ISIS. Sadly, I fear both of those are true.”




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