Flu Season Still Lingering in LA

Flu season is winding down but for some who’ve got it, it’s still a nightmare.

“Now I’ve had kidney stones and those are no fun either but the flu is one minute you feel fine the next you think, oh my gosh this is not good,” said Melanie Bunting.

Bunting came down with symptoms while on spring break vacation with her family. She says it’s the worst she’s had it in years.

“We were in Las Vegas on Spring Break, that was on Thursday about noon, and I started with a sore throat and by the night it was bad,” she added.

She’s now on her 7th day of recovery. And travel across Mobile and the flu is still a horrible memory for students at the University of South Alabama.

“I was achy all over it was painful,” said Elizabeth Williamson, USA Student.

“It was really rough, a really high fever, and overall just not a great day,” Sarah Larsen, USA Student.

Sarah Larsen thinks it came from her classmates or from living at a sorority house. But was this year’s strain particularly more vicious than before?

“One strain people tend not to sick this year as they were last year, the other strain we’ve been seeing a lot of people who’ve been vomiting, dehydrated, passing out, really, really sick with the flu A this year,” Dr. Barbara Walker, Compass Urgent Care.

Dr. Barbara Walker says this year fewer people tested positive for influenza.

“So this year’s vaccine was 60 percent accurate so 60 percent of the flu that circulated this year the CDC was able to effectively protect people from,” said Dr. Walker.

But it could have also been a case of walking pneumonia.

“And the really bad thing about walking pneumonia, that cough it can last for a month,” said

Those we talked with say nearly everyone they knew had something or the flu.

“We have about 100 girls, and about 30 or 40 of us got it,” said Larsen.

Dr. Walker says it may be too late for a shot now, but it’s not too late to keep everything wiped down.

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